B&B Dental is a one-stop shop of everything you need for dental boards in one place. With a proven daily study plan, B&B saves you time.


At B&B Dental we know that you want to be a confident doctor that takes great care of your patients.  In order to do that, you need to pass boards.  The problem is that you are taking a brand-new exam that no one has ever taken before which make you feel anxious about where to start and how to prepare. 

We believe you should never have to prepare for boards without a specific plan.  That is why B&B has created a rock solid plan for students to use to get through all of the material that will be covered on your exam.  With our proven methodology of how to move students through the content, we are confident that these plans will make you feel more confident than ever walking into the exam room.

B&B has created a 3 week, 5 week and 7 week study plan for you utilize.  Based on the amount of hours you have per day to study, using one of these plans is your ticket to saving time.  If you would rather spend more or less time per day studying, no sweat.  These plans are totally customizable to your needs. Check it out: http://bandbdentalinbdestudyplan.pagedemo.co/

We understand the new INBDE exam is stressful.  We care about you which is why we spent the last year creating an entirely new course tailored specifically to the new INDBE exam outline.  Here is how you do it:

  1. Buy now
  2. Follow the study plan
  3. Dominate boards

So, you can stop living with unnecessary anxiety and instead get on the fast track to becoming the confident dentist your family and friends are proud of.

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$286 for 4 Months Of Access / $49 For Each Additional Month / No Activation Fee

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$475 for 12 Months Of Access / $29 For Each Additional Month / No Activation Fee

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